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THREE years later, what a bloody nostalgia trip...

How the bloody hell is everyone/ anyone?

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leonard cohen's the MAAAAAAN -
Well, I argued all night like so many have before,
Saying, "whatever you give me, I seem to need so much more"
Then she pointed at me where I kneeled on her floor,
She said, "don't try to use me or slyly refuse me,
Just win me or lose me,
It is this that the darkness is for."

I cried, "oh, lady midnight, I fear that you grow old,
The stars eat your body and the wind makes you cold."
"If we cry now," she said, "it will just be ignored."

I'm so tired.

It'd be boss if i actually had something important to say.
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it might be time for me to leave DA. i barely like most of the work i have up here, let alone recognise it as my own and some of its just blatently, incredibly, embaressingly bad. i suppose i could just delete it but thats not really the point.

i really don't even like my most of my popular stuff. maybe i'm just sick of seeing it now?

i'm not upset or having any kind of life trauma, infact if anything i'm happier than i've been in months, i just feel like its time for a change.

i'm so tired, i've been trying to finish printing out my photography exam work and its taking foooooooooooooooorever.

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  • Drinking: ribena
things are very different and i'm very different. even in this month everythings changed loads.

and its good.

its strange looking at my old work on DA now, doesn't even seem like its mine!

i might see some people from a long time ago next week, i'm looking forward to it actually, i'm interested to see what they're like now.

some other people surprised me this month to, one for being far less nice than he liked people to think, but quite a few for being miles more forgiving and understanding than i thought they'd be. bess just looks after me like always, even when its my fault. i'm RATE lucky me :D

ITS OUR GIG SOON!!! :excited:

hope everyones ok
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  • Reading: stalins last crime
  • Playing: drums, well in a few hours anyway.
  • Drinking: exotic juice
half term has been very wierd and over emotional week (particularly the end) seems to have gone past very VERY fast i must say.

monday and tuesday were mucho good cos i went to see cuz and have tequila and embaress ourselves (at least WE thought we were funny) then wednesday and thursday were ok cos i was doing my romeo and juliet/ sid and nancy pictures. well wednesday was ok, but by thursday night even mark was getting a tad grumpy.

though now i think about it i must thank hugely all my models, particluarly: the ones i chased, shouted at and threatened to throw in a canal for giggling, liam who WILLINGLY ended up coming home in the boot of jen's car (not enough seats), mark for not killing me and bess especially with the hair situation and most of all bess who besides modelling spent the past couple of weeks wandering hanley in search of props with me, trying to make our dress plans work, then helping set up, helping clean up afterwards, feeding models, breaking into my house to prevent jenny's hypothermia when i forgot to give them the house key and for the other BAZZILION things.

and tonight i'm playing a gig i don't want to play anymore, but its to late and to guilt making to pull out and so despite the fact we've been lied to, had our opinions completly ignored and will definatly be ripped off we're doing it. and i'm not happy. still afterwards things are going to change, all could still improve and all.

anyway after that small miserable drummer rant i'm off to play with my pictures.
have fun
alreet? its been a while since i've posted/ said/ done anything on DA, exams and work and flu and band stuff have been keeping me busy, so i thought i'd at least say hullo.

giant project coming up soon for my A level and, having not learnt from my mistakes or from me and cuzs's trauma :headache: that was a midsummer's night's dream, i'm doing another adaptation of a shakespeare play.

except this time i'm doing it ON MY OWN. :faint:

infuriated neurotic perfectionist is not even the begining of how i will be. i'm worried for the model's safety already, especially the main ones who will be with me for at least two whole days. poor bess. poor ian. :no:

luckily though i've mananged to find a suitable building type place and a bridge that i like for sets. and even more luckily i'm finding it easier to enlist models, many because i've promised there will be no top hats or lying in leaves in the rain and that i'll give them cider and a chance to run round pretending to stab/ shoot/ generally attack the others. healthy as all that is. :giggle:

pictures will be up... eventually.

if you get chance look at these people, they are lovely AND very extremelly nauseatingly talented :shakefist: --> :iconpinktuuli: :iconlast-night: :iconcannibol: :iconkattz:

heylo, i just wanted to say thankyou so much to :iconkattz: for suggesting me as a daily devatation :blowkiss::hug::glomp: she has been so lovely to me since i met her on DA :D

also thankyou so much to everyone who commented or :+fav:ed my pictures, over the past few days. i would love to have thanked you all properly on your profiles like i've always done before, but theres just so many i've been a bit overwhelmed, so please please don't think i'm being rude or anything.

and finally a big thankyou to cuzs for telling me while i was in school (even if it did cause me to slightly disturb my english class by being rather over excited :giggle:)

hope everyones ok :wave:
greetings its been a while.

i'm really only here for one reason, to demand you check out my darling bean :iconlast-night: shes really rather talented and nobodys really looking at her stuff which is sad :(

we saw my ruin the other week, they are amazing AMAZINGlive, especially this song:

My Ruin - Made to Measure
I was born like this with hips like this
Lips like this and wrists like this
legs like this and arms like this
a fist like this to hit you with, now
you're like school on Sunday
You aint got no class
You keep running your mouth but...
You can kiss my ass!

Not made to measure baby
One size does not fit all
I will not be the one
You make to take the fall

I got the curves to fear, got the words to feel
and when I scream I've heard them say
i've got the voice to heal
You dont need to be sorry
you dont have to be saved
You just need to be proud of the body that God gave

Not made to measure baby
One size does not fit all
I will not be the one
You make to take the fall

I'm so fat I'm fucked up
I'm so skinny I'm sick
I'm tired of the magazines
Talkin that bullshit!
I'm not fat, they're fucked up
I'm not skinny, they're sick
I'm just tired of the critics who keep talking that bullshit

I was born like this with eyes like this
Teeth like this and thighs like this
A face like this, a waist like this
and when I die...I'll die like
You're like school on Sunday
You ain't got no class
You keep running your mouth but
I just might kick your ass!

Not made to measure baby
One size does not fit all
I will not be the one
You make to take the fall

Let me hear you say YEAH
I'm so fat I'm fucked up
I'm so skinny I'm sick
I'm tired of the magazines
Talkin that bullshit!
I'm not fat, they're fucked up
I'm not skinny, they're sick
I'm just tired of the critics who keep talking that bullshit
NOW WHAT?-NOW WHAT?-NOW WHAT? What you gonna say next time you SEE US?
NOW WHAT?-NOW WHAT?-NOW WHAT? What you gonna say next time you SEE ME?

hope everyones well.

BEAN: :iconlast-night:

Pinkaroo :iconpinkaty:

cuzs: :iconsarahkins:

FLOOO: :icontaintedfairy:

incredible artist :iconcannibol:

really really lovely and very talented chum of mine :iconkattz:
mood: so so sooooooo tired :faint: but relieved :phew: and REALLY happy :dance: and forever in my loverly friends that modeled's debt :tears: and very, well emotional i guess :giggle:
listening to: placebo - every you every me :sing:
watching: nothing to busy sulking cos i should be at the mill :shakefist:

we're done!!! ahahaha!! our collab was finished today thanks to me and jen's bus riding abilities and running aroundness (cuz s was suffering from class a poverty so we decided to go on a bus mission you see) i'm so tired, i can't believe how much work its been. i've decided not to put the whole thing up cos its MASSIVE and i'm rather to lazy to load 75 images on here be honest, i might put some of more of my favourite shots though :D

i must say everyone has been really amazingly helpful!! ESPECIALLY cuzs (she put up with MY control freak insane stress headness for 5 DAYS!! and brought petrol and pretty much ALL costumes and most props that we used) jen (went on the bus mission with me today, which involved her waiting for me at a bus stop for an hour, AND she let us cover her in fake burns made from wax and lipstick, that turned out to be long lasting we discovered when we got home :faint: and is still speaking to me after all this) chi (who wore THAT scary corset) becky (who lent us THAT scary corset which was also terrifyingly breath into a paper bag when you find out how much it cost expensive) em and poostick jen and dan (kept me calm on our most modelful day) cuz dan (after much persuasion and cake promising was demetrius at the last minute) lee (was just a really good model and braved the CIGAR) and my mum and aunty shoolie (who had to cater for about 20 hungry models all together over the days and drive us round sometimes) and everyone who i have verbally abused over the past week (pretty much everyone on that list plus many more) that haven't hit me or even shouted back!! have been great to :blowkiss:

right so anyway now i've been all thankful in a most i just got an oscar style i'm off to edit the remaining pictures :excited: YEY!! :excited::excited::excited: obssesive?? ME?

here are some nice lyrics:
Placebo - Every You and Every Me

Sucker love is heaven sent.
You pucker up, our passion's spent.
My hearts a tart, your body's rent.
My body's broken, yours is bent.

Carve your name into my arm.
Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed.
Cuz there's nothing else to do,
Every me and every you.

Sucker love, a box I choose.
No other box I choose to use.
Another love I would abuse,
No circumstances could excuse.

In the shape of things to come.
Too much poison come undone.
Cuz there's nothing else to do,
Every me and every you.
Every me and every you,
Every Me...he

Sucker love is known to swing.
Prone to cling and waste these things.
Pucker up for heavens sake.
There's never been so much at stake.

I serve my head up on a plate.
It's only comfort, calling late.
Cuz there's nothing else to do,
Every me and every you.
Every me and every you,
Every Me...he

Like the naked leads the blind.
I know I'm selfish, I'm unkind.
Sucker love I always find,
Someone to bruise and leave behind.

All alone in space and time.
There's nothing here but what here's mine.
Something borrowed, something blue.
Every me and every you.
Every me and every you,
Every Me...he

anyways hope everyones well

some very nice very talented people:
mood: way waaaaaaay happy :w00t:
listening to: Dead Kennedys - Calafornia Uber Blues
watching: SPICE GIRLS MOVIE!!! (me, chi and em had a moment yesterday :giggle:)

haven't done a journal in MONTHS so i thought twas time for a new one.
FIRST does anyone know of any old crumbly fally down type buildings that a fairy king whos been turned into a slightly twisted drug trafficing small Puck threatening version of himself would go? (its not a lost personal friend by the way its for a collab me and Cuz S are doing and we are slightly lacking one cos they KNOCKED THE ONE WE WANTED DOWN!!! :shakefist::pissedoff::steaming: DAMN THEM :chainsaw:) next Cuz S yes i would much like to come model for you again!! what is it for? when should i come? and when are we going to do the collab if your in cumbria land at half term :tears:????
hmmm, so how is everyone? i'm very happy having taken up residence at chi's with all my favourite friends (APART FROM TOFT AND SHTEVIE!! DAMN THEM AND THERE ABSENCE :shakefist:!!!) for most of the weekend to watch spice girls videos (long story...) and take pictures!!! that shall be posted soon!!
thats it really

cuz s:



some really nice and MUCHO talented people:
:iconcannibol: :iconkattz: :icondistortedsmile: :iconkissmemylove:

i am in a community!!!

look what i got asked to join!!! (i'm way WAAAY proud of this!!)
watching: the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind (ok so its not as bad as i first insisted it was ^^;)
listening to: the ramones - sheena is a punk rocker
reading: a midsummer nights dream (in an attempt to understand it before next week, shakespear is hard work i now realise :cries:)
(i refuse to pay subscription and i shall beat the need to yet!! AHA!!)

hello!! i have been on holiday for a while so i haven't put anything up in ages (well i haven't done much in ages to be honest due to lack of models COS THEY ALL WENT ON HOLIDAY AT THE SAME DAMN TIME :shakefist:) but hopefully i can put some of my holiday pictures up (i developed an oh so, ahem, SLIGHT :paranoid: obsession with stained glass windows) so they should be up when i can get them off my mums laptop (we took it on holiday with us for camera memory preservation), but yes more work soon.

Also me and Cuz S are doing a rather giant collab soon!! hoorah!! :dance: and it really will be rather giant we have now worked out, plus rather costly (a fact that didn't seem to matter while we were discussing it on holiday, quite happily sitting by the pool, but now we've go back has turned out to be quite a problem, because i have little to no money and cuz s is ill and last time i checked also rather broke :cries:) plus we need to persuade as many of our friends as we POSSIBLY can that they want to spend two to three days in a corsets, fake eyelashes or top hats and the suchlikes attempting to look burlesque period ish, while we herd them round various locations and i get stressed :angered: (cos i always do) and shout at everything. However so far most of my friends who i'm persuading to model have been amazing WE JUST NEED LEE TO AGREE TO BE OBERON *starts to beg* and to find some more locations, e.g large church because the building we wanted to use HAS BEEN KNOCKED DOWN IN OUR ABSENCE :shakefist: and go shopping and buy many eyelashes/ top hats/ other such requirements and it could actually work!!! so please keep a look out for it because if it doesn't work it think i might have a nervous breakdown!!
hope everyones ok anyway

cuz s:
jesshika wifey:
some very nice very talented people:
:iconkattz: :icondistortedsmile: :iconcannibol: :iconkissmemylove:
i am in a community!!

magical appearance of a subcription

Thu Jun 23, 2005, 1:36 PM
wow!! magical appearance of a subscription is greatly confusing!! but whatever its rather interesting really, not sure who got it but thankyou very mucho!!

on other things cuz s comes home this weekend HURRAH!! and me and various cums are off to the mill :dance: and hopefully my lovely friends charlie (i KNOW he just got a cast of his leg which was broken and stuff but he can SIT DOWN if it becomes painful!!!) and nick are coming down to even though i got resonably paranoid that they wouldn't for oooh the past three days, though i'm not sure WHY which is rather strange. so yeah i'm actually quite happy at the moment, how is everyone else?

have fun :wave:

cuz s:


some really incredible art:
:iconcannibol: :iconfaerienymph: :iconblueblack:

i am in a community!!
  • Listening to: Thin Lizzy - Massacre
  • Reading: Anne Rice - Interview with a Vampire
  • Watching: Edward Scissorhands
Listening to: The Libertines - What Became of the Likely Lads?
Watching: A Series of Unfortunate Events

i'm kind of disgruntled cos DA WON'T load a picture i spent ages on properly, well it says its loaded but then i can't see it so it can't be loaded. can it? I'm off to alton towers tommorow which should be fun except i pannick at anything bigger than the teacups and everyone going thinks i'm going to get on oblivion (which i'm sure i wud with heavy sedation and straight jacket so i cudn't escape) anyway if i'm never here again its cos i went on oblivion and died (just a thought: can that actually happen??) and on that cheery note i'm off
have fun

fave cuz S:
incredible art:
best stock EVER:
I am in a community!!!
i just realised that i haven't written in my journal in two months so i'd better put something.

Ack!! just found out i have my big scary photography exam on wednesday and i haven't finsihed my journal or developed my other film. it'll be good to get it finished though cos i haven't been able to come on DA that much recently cos i've have to do so much work for and i the only work i've put up is just stuff that doesn't fit/ work in my exam pieces and i haven't been able to look at much of anyone elses work, which i miss quite a lot.

i've been listening to this song for ages while frantically trying to finish everything and grown really REALLY attached to it which surprised me cos its nothing like what i usually listen to AND the lyrics are pretty damn good to.

Turin Brakes - Rain City
Opened my eyes had a dream last night that both my arms were broken,
Evening time,
Help me now or hold me down, i feel the world is tumbling,
Spiralling down,
Oh my love i can`t let go,
Somethings wrong i can`t let go,
Natures cruel shes laughing,
As i feel my way through the century,
As i slowly turn to house dust,
Tumbling down,
The rain comes down like a victory,
In sheets of shining memory,
Over and over,
Circling around,
Oh my love i can`t let go,
Somethings wrong i can`t let go,
Natures cruel shes laughing,
Almost too much for my heart,
When it rains,
Oh tears my soul apart,
When it rains,
Almost too much for my heart,
In a dream,
Oh tears my soul apart,
The rain clouds move so slowly,
Above the city,
Where i`m from

anyway hope everyones ok,
have fun
:blackrose: xxx
hey how was everyones valentines day?

mine was great i got no cards and no one loves me and i am ugly and going to die alone *sob* BUT i don't CARE because me and two of my favourite chums had an anti valentines day and made an anti valentine cake and pot noodle and whined and hung round in my room HOORAY!!

anyway have a nice day
watching: nightmare before christmas
listening to: Nightwish - Ghost Love Score

first journal on my shiny new account after leaving DA for the whole of two weeks getting bored and missing it. so hey how are you?

have some festive lyrics

Within Temptation - Gothic Christmas

we're gonna have a gothic christmas, that is we'll do
we're gonna have a gothic christmas, hope you'll have one too
santa's going to wear a black dress just for me and you
santa's going to grunt in latin and slay a dragon or two
rudolph, he will change his name
cuz rudolplh just sounds pretty lame
now we'll call him ragnagord, the evil reindeer overlord
his nose it shall be red no more
it will be blackened to the core
his eyes will glow an evil glow to guide the chariot through the
we want to wish you a gothic christmas
we want to wish you a gothic christmas
we want to wish you a gothic christmas
we want to wish you a gothic christmas
we're gonna have a gothic christmas, that is what we'll do
we're gonna have a gothic christmas, hope you have one too
we want to wish you a gothic christmas
we want to wish you a gothic christmas
we want to wish you a gothic christmas
hope you'll have a gothic christmas too

have a nice day
xxx :wave: